domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

My heart beats again.

It was a warm afternoon, she was sitting in the crowd of the train coming back to home, suddenly she saw him.
He looked beautiful, like he used to do, she didn't know what to do or just what to say to him, finally she told him a shy hello. Everything turned to grey, she started to remember all the time she had spent with him, the kisses, the feelings she felt inside when they were going out together, she didn't realized that she wasn't able to stand the pain she was feeling while she was standing there by his side until they were there, waiting the train to stop.
She was looking forward to kiss him again, to hold him, but he didn't do ANYTHING, she just stood there like a fool, waiting for that endless moment to end. She wasn't understanding a fucking thing, why she was acting this way? Why she was feeling like this? She splitted up with him, now she wasn't able to get back with him again, everything had ended. Now that she was having the freeness she was looking for once, why he was the only thing he could see in all the train?

.Sometimes the heart has reasons that reason cannot know.


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